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What sort of music do you teach? 
We start off with the basics and rudiments of music the classical way. Then we can follow a classical- or pop genre.


What is the best age to begin piano lessons?

The best time to start piano lessons will be different for every child, but most will be ready between the ages of 6 to 8 years old. As an adult, you can start at any age. Though it is ideal to start music training as a child.


How long will it take for me to play well?
That depends on you. Learning to play an instrument requires commitment and you won't get very far if you don't practice!


It's important to practice regularly if you want to learn quickly and feel confident.


Here are a few tips:

Practice the work your music teacher gives you weekly;

Play straight through your pieces, returning to the hard bits later;

Or begin with the hard bits, practicing small sections thoroughly;

What you can't play slowly, you can't play quickly;

If you get stuck, stop! Come back later, and try again;

Don’t practice your errors: always establish “finger memory” before moving on;

Practice your previous/initial work once a week, even if it was not homework;

Enjoy what you play, and vary your work by having other, easier pieces at hand.


How long is each lesson, and how often? 
Younger learners usually have half an hour's tuition a week, and adults 45 min to an hour.

The time passes quickly if you enjoy what you're doing.


Do you offer external lessons at the student’s home? 

Unfortunately I only offer lessons at my music studio in Verwoerdpark, Alberton.

I have back-to-back lessons and do not have enough available time to travel.


Do you teach complete beginners, and do I need my own instrument?
The majority of my new students are beginners. Some have a little musical knowledge, others have none at all. When you find a teacher you like and build a relationship, it's unusual to change. Of course circumstances do sometimes dictate otherwise, for example because of relocation or retirement.

You will need an instrument to practice on, if you don't already have one. However, I don't recommend spending large amounts of money initially. Start off with a basic keyboard.


How can I help my child to progress more quickly? 
Supporting your child's musical development can seem daunting, especially if you've not played an instrument before yourself. But children have a natural desire to please, and the best way to help them progress quickly is simply to take an interest!

I always welcome parents sitting in on lessons, and encourage them to take an active interest in what we're doing. Practice can be a lonely occupation, and children thrive on company. So sit with your child while they practice, listen, comment and encourage.


I already play another instrument. Will learning the piano interfere with that?

Not at all, music is a universal language after all! As long as you have time to practice both instruments, learning to play the piano will benefit all of your musical activities.


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