Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music do you teach? 
We begin with the fundamentals and rudiments of music in the classical manner. Then we can go with a classical or pop genre.

What is the ideal age to start taking piano lessons?

The best age to begin piano lessons will differ for each child, but most will be ready between the ages of 6 and 8 years old. As an adult, you can begin at any age.Though it is ideal to start music training as a child.

How long will it take me to learn to play?

That is all up to you. Learning to play an instrument demands dedication, and you will not progress if you do not practice! If you want to learn quickly and feel confident, you must practice on a regular basis.

Here are a few tips:

  • Weekly practice the task assigned to you by your music teacher.
  • Play straight through your pieces, returning to the hard bits later.
  • Or begin with the hard bits, practicing small sections thoroughly.
  • What you can’t play slowly, you can’t play quickly.
  • Stop if you get stuck! Return later and try again.
  • Don’t practice your mistakes: always build “finger memory” before proceeding.
  • Even if it was not assignment, practice your previous/initial work once a week.
  • Enjoy what you’re doing, and mix it up by having other, simpler pieces on hand.

How long and how often are the lessons?

30, 45 minutes to an hour of tuition each week. The time passes quickly if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Do you provide external classes at the student’s home? 

Unfortunately, I only offer lessons in my music studio in Alberton’s Verwoerdpark. I have back-to-back lessons and do not have enough available time to travel.

Do you teach total beginners, and do I need to bring my own instrument?
My new students are mostly beginners. Some have a little musical knowledge, while others have none. It’s unusual to switch teachers once you’ve established a rapport with them.Of course, circumstances, such as relocation or retirement, can sometimes demand otherwise. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need one to practice on. However, I do not recommend investing a lot of money at first. Begin with a simple keyboard.

How can I assist my child in making faster progress?
Supporting your child’s musical development might be intimidating, especially if you have never played an instrument.

Children, on the other hand, have a natural drive to please, and the easiest method to help them advance swiftly is just to show an interest!
I always welcome parents sitting in on lessons, and encourage them to take an active interest in what we’re doing. Practice can be a lonely activity, and children thrive when they are surrounded by others. So, while your child is practicing, sit beside them and listen, comment, and encourage them.

I already play another instrument. Will studying the piano conflict with that?
Not at all, after all, music is a universal language! Learning to play the piano will improve all of your musical activities as long as you have time to practice both instruments.

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